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Lower back pain treatment & Effect

Lower back pain patients all over the world

There are feedback as follows from the patients who had the treatments in this hospital. The laser treatments are one-day surgery, and a postoperative examination is almost unnecessary. These excellent factors appeal to the patients all over the world. Many patients from overseas come here to receive the revolutionary advanced treatments for various lower back pain. 

  • PLDD Treatment for Herniated Disc / 30-year-old male from Dubai

    One day, in my country, I was sent to hospital by an ambulance for the sudden lower back pain. The pain got worse than when staying at the former hospital for the continuous treatments. I had to keep in a crouch position since the pain was not getting better, rather becoming worse.

    As the pain was unbearable, I searched the laser treatments. Then I found information on PLDD treatment on the internet and sent the CD-R of my MRI images to Seiran Hospital after inquiry.

    As a result, PLDD treatment was applicable to my condition, and I finally decided to fly for Japan. The staff in the hospital were kind enough to overcome my concern. In addition, the operation time was so short, then I left hospital on the same day of PLDD treatment. I found that the unbearable pain disappeared immediately.

  • MED Treatment for Herniated Disc / 70-year-old male from Italy

    I had been suffering from lower back pain for many years. Even after PLDD treatment twice in Italy, I felt of unwellness, pain and numbness of my legs.

    When I was about to give up improving the intractable lower back pain, I heard that a friend of mine got well after undergoing the surgery in Seiran Hospital, Japan, therefore, I made an appointment immediately as my last hope.

    The doctor suggested me Hybrid laser treatment after a MRI examination but I asked him for another treatment as I really wanted to remove the fundamental cause. Then I received MED after further consultation. Finally the lower back was treated completely and the pain has never come back again. Since the doctor was well experienced, I was able to undergo MED without concern.

  • Hybrid Laser Treatment for Herniated Disc / 63-year-old female from China

    I had put a big burden on the lower back when doing housework and work, so coping the lower back pain with medicine somehow. But one day, the pain became much worse than before.

    Hence, I tried to release the pain and searched the treatments on the internet. And I consulted with the staff in Seiran Hospital by email immediately after finding the one-day laser treatments. They told me to email the compressed MRI images of a "remote diagnostic imaging" for diagnosing the symptoms before coming to Japan. 

    Finally I visited Seiran Hospital to undergo Hybrid laser treatment and left there on that day. However, after coming back home, I felt something wrong with my physical condition slightly, so phoned them, then they politely corresponded an explanation in detail. The condition of the lower back was healing step by step after that, and now I am spending every day healthfully.

  • Hybrid Laser Treatment for Herniated Disc / 38-year-old male from Canada

    Since I had worked sitting in the office a long time a day, the lower back pain got worse. Although I had a medical examination at university hospital in Canada and was taking pain relief medication for a while, it finally became impossible for me to keep sitting any longer.

    I even couldn't go to work for some days. When I happened to search the website of Seiran Hospital, and took interest in the various laser treatments. Then I called them for some inquiries, sending the CD-R of my recent MRI images for a "remote diagnostic imaging". As a result, I was informed to be adaptable to Hybrid Laser Treatment. 

    After the treatment, I became to be able to sit down a long time without any difficulties. And I was so surprised the positive effect of Hybrid Laser Treatment, and am incredibly thankful that I could return to work finally.

  • SCS Treatment for lower back pain / 53-year-old female from Japan

    I had two herniated discs for many years since my work was to lift heavy weights every day. One day, I happened to find an advertisement of the treatments for herniated discs on a newspaper.

    At first, I thought they could be the same treatments as the other hospitals, and yet the laser treatments were not adapted for me after a "remote diagnostic imaging" in Seiran Hospital. Instead, however, SCS treatment was suggested to alleviate the lower back pain.

    Though I felt anxious about SCS treatment because I had never heard of it before, and yet finally decided to receive the surgery after the detailed explanation by the doctor. As the surgery is adapted to Japanese Health Insurance, the fee was massively reduced. Even though it is not a radical cure, I am fully satisfied with the remarkable effect since the pain is able to be reduced with the SCS controller by myself. I do not feel that intensive pain anymore now.

  • SCS Treatment for leg pain / 66-year-old male from Japan

    I had the pain from the thighs to the calves for a long while, and the pain increased in 6 months. When I was reading a morning paper as usual, I happened to find an advertisement of Seiran Hospital on it.

    I did not know the cause of my symptoms, so I called Seiran Hospital to ask for a "remote diagnostic imaging ". According to the result, I got a treatment recommendation of SCS.

    I visited the doctor for a consultation, and eventually decided to undergo SCS. Now, only a few days have passed since then, I have been feeling much better than before.

    The other day, I encountered a friend of mine who was in a trouble with the lower back pain likewise. I immediately introduced him to Seiran Hospital and he told that he was also going to undergo SCS as well.

  • PLDD Treatment for Herniated Disc / 38-year-old female from Mongolia 

    I encountered a traffic accident 6 years ago, that caused a herniated disc. After the accident, I was still suffering from the pain, and wondering if it would continue for a long while. Then I searched some treatments for lower back pain on the internet and booked a MRI examination several days later consulting with the staff in Seiran Hospital by email.

    The doctor explained about the treatment precisely, then I had PLDD treatment. And now, I am very happy that the pain has completely gone and my facial expression has seemed to be much brighter than before.

  • PLDD Treatment for Herniated Disc / 34-year-old male from Pakistan

    I got a herniated disc when I was young, and was taking pain relief medication for many years. One day, I felt the terrible pain and couldn't go to work for several days, so had to rest at home.

    Even when the pain got mild, I still had a fear that the pain might come back again. So I searched some information on lower back pain and got a MRI examination at hospital nearby to take a "remote diagnostic imaging" in Seiran Hospital in Japan.

    Then I decided to have one-day laser treatment without any hesitation immediately after the adaption was confirmed. After PLDD treatment in Seiran Hospital, the constant pain was already gone and 6 months have already passed. I sometimes concern the numbness, but I have no pain now and extremely happier than before.

  • PLDD Treatment for Herniated Disc / 48 year-old male from Taiwan

    In June, 2014, I got an acute lower back pain, so was resting at home to improve my symptom. One month later, everything got fine except for the pain and numbness of the left foot, however, I became to feel wrong with my condition. Then I visited an orthopedic clinic and the doctor examined MRI scan and diagnosed me as the herniated discs. He prescribed me another painkiller but didn't work.

    I also received the manipulative treatment but there was no improvement. I was thinking that the surgical operation is the only way to cure the lower back pain.

    Then I searched for the good hospital online and found the laser treatment in Japan. I contacted Seiran Hospital and they told me to consult with the doctor after a "remote diagnostic imaging". From the result of the diagnosis, PLDD treatment was adapted for my symptoms.

    After the treatment, I was taking some painkiller for a while and reduced the dosage of it gradually, now I don't need any kinds of medicine. I am greatly satisfied with PLDD treatment. 

  • Herniated Disc / 59 year-old male from Russia 

    I was diagnosed as a herniated disc at university hospital in Russia, and taking medication but was still suffering from the insistent pain of the lower back. I had heard about the laser therapy from my friend and emailed Seiran Hospital in Japan, then I was informed about a "remote diagnostic imaging".

    As a result, I was not applicable to the laser treatments though, I was surprised to know that I had a benign tumor. I wondered why the doctor advised me to visit the cranial nerve surgery, but followed him.

    Eventually I really appreciate the proper diagnosis by the experienced doctor in Seiran Hospital. I think that it was right to have visited the medical specialist of lower back pain, otherwise I would have never known my serious condition for a long while. 


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Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

  • Herniated Disc
  • Spinal  Canal Stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Sciatica
  • Numbness of legs
  • Acute/Chronic  back pain


  • Hybrid Laser Surgery
  • Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression(PLDD)
  • Percutaneous Ozon Disc Decompression)(PODD)
  • Microendoscopic Discectomy(MED)
  • Microdiscectomy(MD)
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)
  • Spinal Fusion
  • Others Medication・ Nerve Block Therapy Rehabilitation Treatment