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About Copyright and Trademark Rights

The documents, photos, illustrations, movies, music, softwares, and etc on this web site are protected by the copyright of Koriyama Seiran Hospital and other affiliate companies, and of a third party. Users of this site are allowed to copy the contents of our site by downloading only for individual or family use. If the contents indicate copyright notice of our hospital or a third party, it is necessary to attach to our copyright indication when copying. Even for other purpose than above, if each content on this web site has the condition of individual use, it is available to use in accordance with the conditions. When the portraits and copyrighited works are included, or when we consider the content inappropriate, we may refuse the use of it.

Except for the case of the above and copyright law stipulated, the contents cannot be used for any purposes such as adaption or public transmission of the contents without permission of the owner.

The rights of the trademarks, logos and tradenames on this site belong to our hospital or right owner individually. Using these without our permission is prohibited unless they are accepted by Trademark Act or other laws. Please contact us in advance for permission.

The contents of our web site is not guaranteed for accuracy, usability, reliability, safety and other. If any damage occurs on this site, we have no responsibility for that.

We may change or delete the contents or the URL on our site without advance notice. Any information about on this site is not always updated. Furthermore we may stop operating the contents of this web site without advance notice and we will not take responsibility about any damage to occur.

We may change our site policy without advance notice and the new policy will be applied, so please note.

Personal Information Protection

We sometimes ask our customers to provide their information on this site to use for the customer services. In that case, following the basic policy for protection of personal information, we protect the privacy informations as below.

The information on our web site is data that can personally identify including the full name of the visitor, an address, an email address, telephone /FAX number, sex, the date of birth, an occupation, hobby and etc.

We will use personal information only within the scope of the purpose of the use which has clearly been indicated and manage the information appropriately by the chief administrator.

Without consent of the individual, we will not provide personal information to any third party, except for the cases as follows.

・When we get consent of a customer for provision of personal information.

・When the offer is required by law or government request.

・We may provide the individual information of our customers to the subcontractors when there is a necessity to operate this web site. In that case, we limit the scope of the information and treat it carefully.

We observe the applicable laws regarding individual information, also review and improve our approaches timely. In this site, if there is an explanation about handling of individual information, that description takes precedence.

Personal Information Protection

Contact Us

Please contact us by email or telephone.
An appointment will be arranged in order of the applications. If you request an appointment online, we will reply to your message.
Monday to Saturday 9:30 a.m.~ 6 p.m. (excluding Sunday)

  • email
  • 0743-56-4449
  • Please call for an appointment before visiting us.
    You may be required to come back another day for consultation if you visit us without an appointment.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

  • Herniated Disc
  • Spinal  Canal Stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Sciatica
  • Numbness of legs
  • Acute/Chronic  back pain


  • Hybrid Laser Surgery
  • Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression(PLDD)
  • Percutaneous Ozon Disc Decompression)(PODD)
  • Microendoscopic Discectomy(MED)
  • Microdiscectomy(MD)
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)
  • Spinal Fusion
  • Others Medication・ Nerve Block Therapy Rehabilitation Treatment